I Prefer Having A Front Row Seat For The Nuclear War

I grew up on a steady diet of fear of nuclear warfare from the federal government, Hollywood, and the elders in our community. I grew up in the woods spending my summers training for the coming apocalypse, and in a household that always had a big pantry, and often time disaster food reserves. I often heard folks talk about how the small community I grew up in would be safe from nuclear fallout, as we got our jet stream from the Pacific Ocean--there was even a book authored about this subject, and distributed locally.

Now in my 40's I've spent a lot of time processing the FUD I have grown up with, and with the renewed discussions of nuclear escalation by Trump, and from Putin, I find myself refreshing and processing many of the fears instilled in me as a young boy. I do not live in rural Oregon anymore, now calling Los Angeles home, and my fears of nuclear war have done an 180-degree turn. I do not fear nuclear annihilation, but is something I'm extremely concerned about and will continue to do everything I can to help prevent.

In 2017 I am committed to living, not hiding in fear of the world around me. I do not focus on how I will survive a nuclear attack anymore. I focus on living today. In addition to living, I am focused on living life to its fullest, enjoying the truly diverse culture in Los Angeles, and the other big cities I travel to regularly. I want a front row seat in the big cities that everyone I grew up with would view as being the first places to get bombed when nuclear war happens--this is where I have found the richest life possible, and some of the most beautiful people I have ever met.

The last thing I want at this point in my life is to "survive" a nuclear war and live out in the woods with a bunch of rednecks with guns, fighting over the scraps, in some sort of apocalyptic playground. I want to live today. I want to live now. I want to live life to its fullest attending the best concerts, eating the best food, and talking with the most diverse number of folks that I can. I do not pay attention to people with a survivalist mentality anymore or read the stories about luxury doomsday accommodations.

I'm committed to living life to its fullest and making the world a better place for myself, the people I love, and for everyone else that I share this amazing world with. I hope you will too!