I enjoy having different channels to publish my wide variety of thoughts on the Internet. You will find my thoughts around the business of APIs on API Evangelist, and the politics of APIs on API Voice, more of my personal, but professional thoughts on Kin Lane. Since Kin Lane has been around for so long, and has many legacy syndications, I choose to create separate channels for my personal thoughts, as well as my alternate fictional thoughts, and I’ve created this site as a urinal to piss my everyday rants into.

I write for me. There is something very rewarding in putting my ideas out into the world, on the open Internet. I don’t do this to generate page views or generate attention, I do it to share my thoughts with the collective consciousness that is the Internet. I’m finding myself feeling a need to rant more and more late, as certain topics I’m passionate about impact our worlds—topics like NSA, net neutrality, and other political, and cultural areas.

Do not expect this site to be edited, or even have a polish to it. This is my rant location, and when I need to vent something, get an idea off my mind I will write about it, and publish here. rants.kinlane.com is purely a vent for the steam engine that is my world. The way my brain works is I need a place to file thoughts, so that I can move on, and process the huge amount of information I encounter each day as the API Evangelist.

If you find something valuable here, I wouldn’t put much weight into that, as it was probably an accident, or purely coincidence.