Cybersecurity Will Follow Lead Of Our Foreign Policy

As I read a report from the FBI finding that “broadening U.S. military presence” is responsible for the rise in terror attacks I am left thinking of the evolving tone of what we are calling cybersecurity. From my vantage point, it looks like the tone of the cybersecurity realm will reflect the tone our foreign policy has taken in the past. Sadly we refuse to learn from the cause and effect, and apply this in the online world, setting a pretty high bar for bad behavior when it comes to cyberwarfare tactics. 
We seemed to not even care about setting a positive example or trying to understand the negative consequences of our actions. We just seem to be plowing forward being the toughest, best-equipped kit on the block. The more shit we stir up, the more we get to play with our toys and prove to the other kids that we are the toughest. We have no interest in being a good example to the world anymore.
The bar for bad behavior has already been set. My heart is heavy because it has been set by us. My fear is that we won't be able to back away from this, and when this is all woven with our failed foreign policy, the future is pretty dark. As a technologist, I wish I could be more proud of the United States, but when it comes to the imperialist tech agenda of Silicon Valley, and the bad behavior of our government when it comes to cybersecurity--I am just left being very sad. ;-(