Self Driving Car Will Not Do Away With Insurance, It Will Just Create New Insurable Scenarios

I read a fairly regular stream of news that self-driving cars will disrupt this, and disrupt that, with the insurance industry being top of this list. While I'm sure th self-driving car will shift the landscape for insurance, it will not do away the need for insurance, like some folks like to chant. 

I'm think there are two major influences that will keep the insurance industry doing very well:

  1. Insurance Companies Are Powerful - They have a bunch of money, lobbying power, and are very creative when it comes to structuring insurance in their favor.
  2. Humans Are Such A Special Creature - Humans excel at doing very stupid things in our vehicles, and I'm sure the illusion of saftety with the car driving for you, will only create new situations.

At this point, I'm skeptical of any claim by someone selling technology, let alone the wide sweeping disruption claims that technologists, and venture capitalists love to claim. 

When it comes to the impact that self-driving cars will on the insurance industry, there will be plenty of creativity and stupidity to keep the insurance alive and doing well. It makes for a good attention grabbing headline though!