The Internet Is Slow Because Of Net Neutrality @SenTedCruz?

I was pleasantly surprised to see President Obama’s support of Net Neutrality today. I remain optimistic, yet skeptical about how this will all unfold, but will continue fighting in support of net neutrality in the mean time. In the same emotional moment, I saw Senator Ted Cruz’s tweet saying that "Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet".

You believe that the Internet is slow, because of government involvement? I think if you look at the countries kicking our asses in Internet speeds, it is because the government has a bigger stake in the bandwidth conversation. Your statements, are a particularly dangerous form of ignorance that will significantly hurt our country, and you are nothing but a mouthpiece for your telecommunications sector donors.

I would spend more time challenging your comment, but this isn't my style. I know that hating on the Internet and through popular media is how the powerful remains in control, the whole divide and conquer concept. I have never, and will continue to resist ever participating in these reindeer games, and will focus on my present course of being an agitator through open access to data, and information via APIs.

In short, I will the marbles constantly in your path, providing access to your campaign finances, linking to your tweets when you make contradictory statements. I will work to educate, and inform the very people you seek to keep down with your particular brand of ignorance. You can count on me to continue being the under current in your political world, one that will catch you at some point, because you have a severe ignorance of technology, and in this rapidly shifting technical landscape at some point the sands will shift under your feet. #yourwelcome