I Will Not Buy Anymore Snorg Tees Because Of Their Sexually Disturbing Advertising Practices

My teenage daughter has a similar sense of humor to myself, and one of the christmas presents I got her were three funny t-shirts. After looking at a number of humorous t-shirts sites, I found myself at Snorg Tees with three t-shirts in my shopping cart.

When I see my daughter, it makes e happy to see her wearing one of the shirts I bought her, and while she was working on a school project, with her local paper, and it made me smile to see her wearing one the shirts stating I > U. -- in the local paper! ;-)

These shirts were great, and I would totally go back to buy more t-shirts, except for one thing--the sexually exploitative ads that now follow me around the Internet. Since Snorg Tees has my profile as middle aged man, successfully placed a cookie on my computer, I get the extra special advertisements, like the ones you see below.

Who knows, maybe this is an appropriate profiling for some middle aged men, but not me. I have a teenage daughter, and it fuck’n hurts to have to look at sexy looking pictures of other girls the same age. Fuck you Snorg Tees for this practice.

If you hadn’t noticed I’m working to strengthen and empower my daughters perspective of herself in this world, and I will not support your company, and your sexually exploitative advertising perspective. Thanks for contributing to the world being a shittier place Snorg Tees, you won't get my business anymore.