Just Shy Of 20 Years I Am FINALLY Saying Goodbye To AT&T

I first got my AT&T cell phone in 1998, with the 541-913-2328 phone number. 18 years later I am saying good bye to the phone number, and my AT&T service. I have to say it is a huge weight off my shoulders to do away with this account. It isn't just the 100+ bill each month for a phone that I very rarely use, it is also about getting the fuck away from AT&T. 

I am only able to do this because I am not traveling as much, and my daughter has other ways of getting a hold of me, and she isn't much of a phone talker either. It will take some doing to not have cell service on demand, and be able to just jump on the occasional phone call, but I will make do. I will adjust and find a way--I always do.

It makes me happy not to support AT&T any longer, as well as any large company who I can support for so long, and have them not at all give a shit about me. Beyond AT&T, I am happy to not have an active cell signal that can be monitored, hijacked, and distract me from what is important. The whole cell phone surveillance culture that has emerged has outweighed any of the benefits of a cell phone for me. I will find a way to get the Internet I need to make Skype calls, do hangouts, and engage in the online channels I frequent.

By AT&T -- won't miss you.