Silicon Valley Tech Will Become What They Sought To Displace

The only reason Silicon Valley technology is seen as a better solution than what was there before, is because it is shiny, and brand new. Give it time. Silicon Valley is becoming an institution, bureaucratic it its own way. A private, closed, good ol boy network of the new white ruling class.

The sounding charge for any Silicon Valley tech is to disrupt what was there before, replace it with newer, better oiled technology. This is showcased as better. Progress. When in reality, it is just a transfer of wealth, from the old to the new. A transition that most of the existing ruling class are prepared to navigate. 

Along the way, a few new rulers will be crowned, and a handful lose their way, but overall it isn't that exciting, when it comes to historic transfers of powers. The revolutionary war, was simply a transfer of power between the UK ruling class, to the new ruling class of the US, but at least there were shots fired, and flutes played. 

The whole things doesn't excite me. My objectives are simply to slow the transfer where I can. Divert resources to the people who actually own them, or can use them the most. While also building in as many transparent windows into the process as I can, allowing us to keep the new Silicon valley machine somewhat accountable.